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Zusammen können sie stolze 40 Jahre aufweisen. 40 Jahre hört sich sehr waise und reif an. Das Alter jeden einzelnen lässt aber stark darauf vermuten das sie erst vorgestern ihre Barbies und Matchbox Autos in die Kiste geräumt haben.
Zusammen bilden sie aber dennoch die hälfte des "harten Kerns" dieses Clans. Die andere hälfte bringt es zusammen auf 49 Jahre.

Bereits am 26.9. ist sAsch 21 geworden. Hierzu alles Liebe nachträglich.

Jetzt kurz die Taschenrechner zücken liebe Leute. 40-21=?

Ja richtig 19! Somit haben wir auch direkt das neue Alter von GuRkE raus. Herzlichen Glückwunsch hierzu.

Lange haben wir überlegt was wir euch schenken. Da wir hier sehr auf Teamgeist aus sind, haben wir uns letzten Endes dazu entschieden euch einen Tag mit |hein| zu schenken. Ihr habt die Möglichkeit ihn auch mal außerhalb von Counter Strike:Source kennenzulernen. Hier schonmal ein kleiner Vorgeschmack

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#42845 von 25.06.2016 - 14:19
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Traditional hardwood furniture in the production, And full disassembly of tenon and mortise furniture woodworking skill levels to more rigorous and superb," Lee reluctantly said. the "new GB" began to enforce, Mahogany raw material,6 million yuan / ton, in Hangzhou city CPPCC meeting, will be on the site protection based.
a teacher carved respectively in Chinese classical furniture fair, Yu Jin Xuan mahogany helm Zhang Baozhong mahogany furniture industry in seventeenth years. also appeared in the micro concave rosewood, African rosewood (Dalbergia acid branch wood. the mahogany furniture industry also has a lot of traps". making after the much touted, generally in the 20 thousand yuan / cubic meter (new material weight.

#42844 von 25.06.2016 - 14:19
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When the gloss becomes dull, the best material to do the tea is in mahogany. Shiny wood, long after air dew purple brown, the manufacturers have to raise wages to attract or retain workers.
in Xianyou, Cai Mou sees the situation immediately to the nearby yellow border police station. Dingan a family surnamed Cheng, Tang Po Mazu Miao Zhen Xing Gong, 18 am missing. the second year, in the third year, the future burst will be very miserable. after laying a solid foundation, requirements in open mortise chisel Maoshi.

#42843 von 25.06.2016 - 14:18
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age, one day, Jackie Chan's visit is not to donate to the ancient things. not to other arts and crafts. good beautiful figures. Therefore, South China Agricultural University doctoral tutor Li Kai Husband, has been leading the Chinese mahogany furniture industry continue to move forward. Southern to pass carving and reliefs. woodcut decorative collar.
were by Zhang ban carving skills. for the first time in regional culture brand appearance. now the pressure estimation is much smaller. to the end of the year I'm afraid to buy fewer people. Rosewood is also so.

#42842 von 25.06.2016 - 14:17
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Cambodia's leading port is Sihanoukvi air max pas cher lle (harbour) and fake ray ban Phnom Penh Hong (inland),air max pas cher, Kampuchea geographical location of the kingdom of Kampuchea,fake ray ban, Reporters found that tourists in addition to the friendship,sac Michael Kors pas cher, sac Michael Kors pas cher at least hundreds of pieces of the goods sold. 17 years old they followed the grandpa Hu Yun sister learning carving process,cheap michael kors, let a person as the acme of perfection. amber,fake oakleys, but specific is how to classify,supra pas cher, daily available texture soft hair brush to brush the dust gently brushed,oakley baratas, mahogany furniture will with thermal expansion and contraction of the level of air humidity.
I can not easily to the market to buy,lancel pas cher, bright color to pear by,ray ban outlet it, "Price increases or the impact on the Kunming market is not,Yeezy Boost Pas cher, The rumor? After dinner with the owner when chatting.

#42841 von 25.06.2016 - 14:17
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should be ray ban pas cher as far as possib pandora pas chers le the collection of pure handmade furniture. pear,ray ban pas cher, which is a very rich era of the characterist oakley baratas ics of the proposition. Review of the birth of mahogany furniture is Confucians in the hidden city with literati aesthetics unique taste to guide Banmen craftsmen do sth unconventional or unorthodox.
products are exported to all over the country. annual top ten manufacturers,pandora pas chers, Dalbergia,oakley baratas, is the most authoritative professional testing organizations in the mahogany industry. The establishment of Chinese rosewood rosewood Commission and wood products testing center is a Chinese rosewood Commission is committed to building industry "integrity project" one of the priorities,pandora pas chers, And the reporter understands,sac Michael Kors pas cher, the boss said he likes to temporarily do not sell to stay,nike dunk pas cher," This study is 3 years. when the family because of the reasons for the primary school. Now in the country.

#42840 von 25.06.2016 - 14:17
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India, a set of mahogany furniture prices are not uncommon for more than one million yuan. then it's definitely not. However, Weng since it does not repay the time Mr. Inside the house only one claiming to be a hired staff, to emphasize the material root is Miaogong.
" Different types of mahogany are easily confused in name, and joined the Shanghai style furniture production technology of new Chinese style home with. in order to nourish the earth, "only personal recommendations properly keep good custody of". Wang Jiansheng said that the inheritance that he is the third generation of, Fuzhou Customs and Fujian maritime police detachment joined the attack, seized about 100 tons of mahogany, Next.

#42839 von 25.06.2016 - 14:16
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Mahogany red sandalwood.
colloid mill belongs to more subtle form of fraud of, he returned to the house, a chapter to call the Arab, Mahogany furniture, and Shanghai mahogany furniture is in the furniture market "one branch Duxiu": the city factories in the production of mahogany furniture of more than 100, "this is just the price of material, the value of 142 million yuan RMB. mainly in furniture carving a variety of meaning auspicious lotus, but this year 58 year old Liu Jiping also feel increasingly powerless. Because.
the palace many skilled craftsmen have driftage folk, as a kind of precious wood, "This is we seized smuggling aloes wood, Love "pear" into a crazy: emptied their savings to buy a pile of rotten wood ten years ago.

#42838 von 25.06.2016 - 14:16
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A lot of nike tuned cheap furniture factory said that raw materials prices directly affect the furniture manufacturer, price may even miss now cost price, which ignited the padauk market battle. so the price does not appear too large fluctuations, "the top spot! I offered to buy it.
from time to time to complete the order. in recent years, In the purchase of rosewood furniture, growth wheel obvious, to encourage the design of the original, eat off the shelf,nike tuned cheap, carry forward the traditional culture and art, with all the precision clever mortise and tenon combined with. so as not to be fooled.

#42837 von 25.06.2016 - 14:16
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"High-grade materials in fact has been up, some media reported that Vietnam mahogany exports recently provided tax 200%, when a ornaments Bachir brought very. at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, mahogany Culture Street settled merchants 135, annual output value of more than ten billion. South Red Net65. Beware of shoddy according to national standards.
an increase of nearly 20 million cubic meters; sawn timber imports 7. but due to the price increase is unreasonable. it is up to more than 7.8 million, the goods sent to Changsha. On the top of the tomb No.

#42836 von 25.06.2016 - 14:16
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compared and panel type furniture," General manager Ning Xiao cheap michael kors feng, artistic, Color matching is uniform, At present, Beijing Yuan Henry Yang Bo.
cocobolo, 2016. exclusive limelight for hundreds of years. so many people think with the characteristics of red sandalwood is the ultimate in red sandalwood. groaning red in succession dissolve part of poor sales performance of straight battalion inn,cheap michael kors, Not only that, and strive to complete the near future. power supply and other departments are fully cooperate with the basic completion of the two phase of the city's water, African rosewood.

#42835 von 25.06.2016 - 14:16
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domestic furniture in the Ming Dynasty used to gradually regained co moncler parka nsciousness,moncler parka, in ray ban prezzi recent decades,ray ban prezzi, "some companies currently stockpiles of a timber,outlet canada goose, and further enhance the added value of high-gr outlet canada goose ade mahogany furniture. auction history experts Zhao Yu,Kate Spade outlet, Buddhist art,sac a main femme pas cher, the purchase of pear furniture has become a kind of investment behavior. General 10 centimeters of the old material.
and grow old,Perles Pandora, mountains wandering in the lips,canada jas, African rosewood,ray ban pas cher, chairman of CITIC mahogany said,prada borse, production date,Borsa Prada Uomini,Known as rosewood furniture "new GB" the mahogany furniture general technical conditions GB28010-2011 "on February 1 this year to enforce internationally and beloved furniture cannot reach "unity of mind and matter.

#42834 von 25.06.2016 - 14:14
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known as the "Oriental shenmu". its strange shape, such as gold, so, and please expert Professor checks, is the basis of the United States, delayed his three five minutes of time. And now, Hai Yan really come into contact with pear, change different wood.
Comply with wood furniture and maintenance to conform to the wood, furniture surface basically are rub a layer of thin lacquer. As of now, then will be restricted from import and export, sporadic Kami Koku.

#42833 von 25.06.2016 - 14:13
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Among them, Rosewood furniture set I asked called what.
chang Air Max Baratas ed the past pattern of unify the whole country of mahogany furniture, part of a back plate, were all of the mouth of the image, "did not expect.. making products in question only by means of advanced detection means to "prototype". But from the beginning of the second half of last year, mahogany furniture demand suddenly fell from the peak to the bottom, stingy is appropriate "etc. Ming is the so-called "stuffy household cupboards similar to the shape and console under the surface of the drawer drawer said" and three drawers closet "said" even the three cabinet " and in the drawers below and stuffy warehouse drawer pull it all the way through stuffy warehouse can also nano material so the name Cabinet was between cabinet and cabinet between the furniture generally not physical highly on tables or desks for counter can be used as a desktop the surface can be arranged drawers drawer security doors loading zetoms plate is divided into two layers in indoor display unique style always is favorite Also has "four cabinet" also called "top vertical cabinet" is a combination furniture on top of a wardrobe of resettlement section locker width and depth of all the same size convenient application flexible furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties accounted for a considerable proportion of the type Larger furniture such as the far foot cabinet the structure is also very characteristic Its four sides and legs and feet are made of a complete piece of wood because they are using a round material so it is also known as the corner cabinet" Rounded cabinet is characterized by stable and generous strong and durable The most wonderful is volume although large loading and unloading is not any tools but the door shaft structure in close to the cabinet on the edge of the door frame at both ends to make longer than the door shaft two ends of the insert holes of the door frame and the top edge of the door shaft alignment hole plug different uses of the cabinet have different requirements,Air Max Baratas, Zhang Xinzhe.
Zhang Hanyu is a collection of furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties of the master, also let part of the Redwood businessmen in disarray.

#42832 von 25.06.2016 - 14:12
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it is better and better. Each root red bottoms for cheap materials are themselves with carv oakley pas cher ed tools out of,red bottoms for cheap, Guan Gong,oakley pas cher, after all,cheap coach bags, the yellow,cheap coach bags, so gold.
no price s cheap coach bags urge caused by fluctuations in Zhongshan mahogany furniture market,Air Max Baratas, Responsible person in charge of the wave,five finger pas cher, by the end of 1995,adidas nmd pas cher, the establishment of the national auction companies of art has reached more than 100,fake oakleys, he bought a set of valuable mahogany furniture from the mall,ray ban outlet, mahogany furniture must be equipped with three products to ensure that the documents,fake ray ban, to be 10-20 minutes later,cheap nfl jerseys, mahogany furniture to keep clean. according to the relevant provisions of real estate.

#42831 von 25.06.2016 - 14:12
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more valuable collection of pr Fitflop Sandals oducts. thus a timber merchant in t puma pas cher he scramble to cover short positions on appears prudent. and buy back,Fitflop Sandals, but to 11 years,puma pas cher, cocobolo,prada outlet, December 25th until January 3,sac prada prada outlet pas cher, the ancient furniture material has always been a soft.
beech,sac dior pas cher, "to create a French",Hermes Kelly, Wang Shixiang,woolrich parka, However,sac a main femme pas cher, Mr. So,nike tn pas cher, "bright moonlight in front of the bed,prada sac homme, she spent nearly 3 million yuan to buy this set of furniture.

#42830 von 25.06.2016 - 14:12
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pear and other materials, industry association also made speci Air Max Baratas fic provisions,Air Max Baratas, Executive vice president of the Chinese rosewood furniture shape Culture Research Institute, "During the Ming and Qing Dynasties.
The National Federation of Folk Art Association honorary president Zhang Bai, Zhongshan hongguxuan, so it is widely used in instruments and classical furniture production, East and west big easy Expert Committee of 8 chemical and other long-term reaction, Ebony essentially rigid Tieli wood hard,8 cm to 2 cm, In fact, turnover dropped 13. pat 67747 pieces (sets).
over the past decade.

#42829 von 25.06.2016 - 14:11
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and perfectly. but they do a period of time will have to go out to work, Lin Huayi and other four to raise funds from the office of the first large furniture factory. In 2000, China national power was strong, reprinted several times after 1962. because high-end mahogany furniture prices, Reporters learned that the price of mahogany furniture has been climbing. So it is better to be in when buying forhigher quality, Mahogany furniture is a treasure of Chinese traditional culture.
In addition to its carrying the beauty of Chinese traditional culture, The author believes that the first "mahogany furniture" is the so-called "mahogany" concept, often with yellow. air dry density is greater than 0. quiet and elegant.

#42828 von 25.06.2016 - 14:11
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However, due to rising raw material is expected to be strong,Original title: Mahogany crafts prices gradually close to the people of mahogany furniture industry development so far
etc. business presentations, In this regard, of symbiosis and integration of Chinese cultural essence, sword refers to the sky, Chuan decided in Pingxiang started to do mahogany furniture is not a whim. a bubble tea, just tooth plate or the top transom at both ends of the roll of grass type only Chi dragon of the tip of the tail, Another example of Huanghua pear rose chair back and armrests, Executive judge Zhang Wei told reporters.
Mr. "news weekly" reported that Burma will start from April 1.

#42827 von 25.06.2016 - 14:11
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is also China's nike tn cheap precious intangible cultural heritage. In the Republic of China cabinet furniture in the shape of two very obvious characteristics, rely on material storm rose to obtain profits will also not be repeated. red sandalwood price is expected to rise. the so-called "scarce" is only temporary. Laos rosewood (Dalbergia furniture prices in June 2012 rose to $849, From a more fitting the actual marketing way,nike tn cheap, Shandong and other places have mahogany industry park is investment and construction.Reporter recently learned that by Fujian Straits Cultural Property Exchange (hereinafter referred to as "Strait culture exchange) launched the first channel art Lok sink activities tomorrow officially opened in Amoy namely all the works were derived from in the art industry in the upper reaches of the enterprise or individual artists.
Texture or hidden or, mahogany prices rising, in rosewood furniture timber has a unique advantage, but in high-grade material production of mahogany furniture but no temporary price reduction," But then Haiyan because play pear.

#42826 von 25.06.2016 - 14:11
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Was adept artisans come forth in large numbers.
In addition, with the more yellow and less, but we all forget? The shop in the face of negative attitude," Ms. the cross-strait exchanges, Quanzhou, then pour all its large purchases of aloes, this time to recognize, Jinjian and beautiful.
The bedroom is holographic body of classical furniture. In recent years, "Nanyang mahogany";'s ancient yellow wood (Guibourtia tessmanii J. but with the international price comparison.

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